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Blown Away...Literally

I love outdoor festivals! It takes a lot of time and energy, but there’s just nothing like interacting with visitors to my booth, learning about them and answering their questions. For years, I only did very small local markets, being unwilling – and often unable – to gain access to the larger annual events. Travel costs, high booth fees, and low inventory made success unlikely at such events, so I just did what was comfortable for my circumstances.

Back in 2020, I finally got the courage to apply for some of the more popular shows, and I was overjoyed to be accepted! I was preparing for a wonderful new season when COVID-19 changed the game. Y’all know the rest. When outdoor events resumed in the Spring of 2021, my dear friend Donna decided to work the shows with me, and we had a phenomenal year!

Having done so well last season, I was sooooo excited about my first time as a vendor in the Forsythia Festival in Forsyth, GA. It’s a two-day event, the biggest show I’ve ever done, and it gets excellent ratings year after year by both vendors and patrons. I was well prepared. I went all out on supplies so that I wouldn’t feel limited, and so that I could customize almost any design on the spot. I bought new floral arrangements (I didn’t even know that the Forsythia is a real flower, but I found some very realistic fakes!), new jewelry display busts, and new risers to create an engaging, multi-layered display. And I made jewelry. Did not take pictures, did not post to website, did not promote. I made jewelry and dreamed of making my 10x10 corner of the world wow everyone at the festival. And I was ready.