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Keisha Sherman: Rosa Ray's Market Fresh

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Rosa Ray's Market Fresh has become a local market favorite when it comes to jams, jellies and fresh breads. From seasonal favorite, "Peach Bourbon Jam" (made with signature Georgia peaches) to "Sweet Milk Bread" (a fluffy brioche-type loaf), Keisha Sherman of Rosa Ray's Market Fresh has taken an unexpected turn in life and detoured into creating a tasty business.

After enjoying a 17-year career as a flight attendant, 2020's global pandemic changed everything for Keisha. She no longer wanted to travel for a living. An “early retirement” opportunity from the airline was a turning point. "My anxiety was high and I found solace in gardening, preserving (canning) my harvest and making jam. This “garden therapy” allowed me to reconnect to my grandmothers who left me with lasting home-making memories."

By Fall 2020, encouraged by family and friends, she began delivering locally and selling at Macon area farmer’s markets. Markets proved to be a great fit, allowing her to connect with customers and create relationships. "I love to talk to people about growing their own food. When I tell a customer that my Pepper Jelly is made with my own home grown peppers, it opens the door to that. Now I have people who come to me for gardening advice. OveralI, it's less about selling and more about community to me."

Keisha would never have imagined that a jet-setting career would be over so suddenly, leading to such fulfillment right here in the community. But upon reflecting on her Grandmothers who inspired her, she's merely picking up where they left a place called home.

Find Rosa Ray's Market Fresh (named after Keisha's granddaughters, Rosa and Ray) at the following markets:

-Triangle Arts Market in Macon (3rd Sundays)

-Napier Height Food Co-op at Macon's Tattnall Park (every Thursday)

-3rd Street Market in Downtown Jackson (1st Saturdays)

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