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Making Lemonade

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

September is a month which I normally anticipate with glee! It’s the beginning of the fall festival season, and many people are already shopping for holiday gifts. I had a sweet spot at a local outdoor market downtown and did well enough there that it wasn’t necessary for me to travel to other cities to earn my living. My schedule was set for the season, and I was content to relax, create, and prepare for that one event each month. Then, nine days before the September show, the organizers sent us an email saying that they no longer had the “human or monetary resources” to continue, and that the market was cancelled, effective immediately. I was stunned to see how little they cared about the vendors affected by this, and even more so over their disregard at the loss of a vibrant market for our city.

In addition to my shock, I felt intense anger over how we were treated. Their decision caused me serious financial upheaval, and I was desperate to find events to replace the holes in both my schedule and my budget. Being who I am, I protested loudly and persistently to anyone and everyone who would listen. The organizers ignored me, but I found a community of people who believe that our city deserves better, and I believe that we will eventually have another viable market downtown. But in the meantime, Ric Geyer of Triangle Arts Macon heard my complaints and offered his property as a new venue for our market.

We’re so happy to announce the very first Triangle Arts Market! We are excited to join the family, spirit, and aesthetic artistry of @triangleartsmacon . We share their commitment to a communal environment promoting the freedom to build, thrive, grow, teach, and learn. Our market will embrace and celebrate artisans, farmers, and producers in keeping with our mission to create a welcoming and sustainable environment for all involved. Our schedule so far includes:

October 23

November 20

Hours: 11am-3pm

Special holiday event: The Artists of Triangle Arts Macon!

December 10 5-9pm

December 11 11am-5pm

We hope you’ll cheer us on as we set off on our new venture! Until next time!


Find out more about Triangle Arts Macon!

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