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Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Rhonda Miller is a self-trained, multi-media artist from Macon, Georgia. Rhonda has only been painting a few years, but already her vibrant, passionate pieces have been featured in a number of regional shows and galleries, including the 47 Folk Art Show at Grant’s Lounge, Wesleyan College Art Showcase, 567 Center, Macon Arts Alliance, Middle Georgia Arts Association, Little Village Art Center, Tubman Museum, and now, Triangle Arts.

Rhonda’s unique expressive style is rooted in a painful childhood. She was a foster child, endured emotional and physical abuse, and got pregnant at a very young age. Since that time, she has managed to earn her GED (she was the 2017 Georgia GED Student of the Year), get a job at the Macon Housing Authority, raise three beautiful children, and start her Baccalaureate studies at Mercer University. But it wasn’t until she moved from working on her creative gift card line over to crafting and painting on larger canvasses that she finally found the outlet she needed to release her trauma. She finds healing, freedom, and fun in her artwork, and through her pieces she gives her viewers permission to do the same. In Rhonda’s words, “I was consumed with pain, but Art consumed me so I can live again.”

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